Espresso Bar Coming to Newkirk Avenue

Coffee Mob is slated to open in February.


Ditmas Park Corner reports that a new espresso bar called Coffee Mob, is coming to Newkirk Avenue in a few months.

Since the terrible circumstances that closed Whisk last year, there hasn't been a cafe on the south side of Ditmas Park besides Dunkin Donuts and Salud (and the former doesn't have WiFi and the latter doesn't have lattes).

The shop is owned by Buck Berk, who says on his website that he is "determined to bring the masses together to explore the wonderful and complex flavors of Arabica coffee. ... (and) create an espresso bar where incredible coffee can be enjoyed."

According to the Corner, Berk lives in West Midwood (the section between Foster and Ave. H and Marlborough and Coney Island) and has worked in the restaurant and bar industry for many years. See Ditmas Park Corner's full article here.

This is the second new coffee shop announced for Newkirk Avenue. Qathra's Yasser "Max" Habib is planning to open a second cafe called Milk and Honey in the former Whisk space on Newkirk and Westminster. 

Berk's shop will be located at 1514 Newkirk Ave. on the corner of E. 16th St. 

When Ditmas Park Patch asked readers over the summer what they would like to see in that storefront, there was nary a mention of a cafe. Instead there were requests for an after school tutoring program, a "REALLY good" pizza parlor, a pet supply store, a gym, a "hip" mani pedi hair place, a diner, a spa and a chiropractor.

So what do you think, Ditmas Park: Is a coffee bar a good addition to Newkirk Avenue? 

I won't pretend to be objective here. As a resident of the coffee-shopless Fiske Terrace section, I personally am officially psyched.

Mohammed Hoque December 11, 2012 at 01:28 AM
I think this is a Great idea. However, I have lived in the neighborhood for quite along time and I haven't seen a business open on that corner for more than 6 months. Best of luck to the new guys!
flatbushgrl December 11, 2012 at 02:45 PM
Yay, no more trekking over to Cortelyou. I pass this corner everyday to the train station and welcome a good cup of joe on the way to work. However, like previous poster have seen lots of businesses on that corner open and close hopefully this one will last.
Dios Thunders December 16, 2012 at 06:05 PM
you can get coffee in any place on Newkirk plaza for a dollar and under and dunkin dough nuts or is that not hip enough ? the wants people mentioned its too small for a gym a mani pedi place is rediculous A PET SUPPLY STORE in this dog filled area would begreat and this area does need a really good pizza parlor I think a PET LAND DISOUNT type of place would be the best idea
Manerva January 14, 2013 at 12:47 AM
A coffee shop/café is a great idea. A place with good ambience for weekend brunch will be even better!


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