Ditmas Parkers Share Voting Experience on Social Media

Residents Tweet pictures, anecdotes and frustrations with the 2012 voting process.


Faced with long lines and frustrating conditions, voters in Ditmas Park turned to social media Tuesday to vent, appeal to authorities for better provisions and warn others of what to expect when they made their way to vote.

At Marlborough Gardens at 386 Marlborough Rd., Ditmas Parkers tweeted pictures of voters waiting to vote, with lines wrapping around and down the block.

"Brooklyn out in force. Line to vote in Ditmas Park (ED 30) goes around the block," Tweeted @AlisonGendar early in the morning.

Resident Farrokh Bulsara tweeted from her account, @QueenAtLiveAid, "Polling place at 386 Marlborough Ditmas Park Brooklyn NYPD is doing crowd control. 60 minutes so far."

Hang Fire Books, a "bookdealer and NYC wanderer," warned fellow residents of the long waits to vote, writing, "5 voting districts crammed into my Ditmas Park Brooklyn neib[sic]. Block out some time."

On Ditmas Park Patch's Facebook, Jonathan Cornick noted that it took two hours to vote at P.S. 152/315 on East 23 St., but the experience was orderly and pleasant. "Lines looked about same length at 11 [a.m.] as at 9 [a.m.] when I arrived," he wrote.

Other residents were more critical of the voting experience. After voting at P.S. 249, @ggoldieloxs Tweeted at the Board of Elections, saying "@BOENYC P.S. 249 District 18 is a MESS! Unorganized. Chaotic. Confused. A few words to describe."

How has the experience been for you? Let us know in the comments section below, send us your pictures, update us on Twitter or write about it on Facebook.


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