Ditmas Park Election Guide

The candidates, incumbents and issues that will be affecting Ditmas Park and Kings County.

As we look ahead to November’s elections and learn the results of June's elections, Ditmas Park Patch is devoted to bring you the information you need about every race in the area.

Here's our start on the candidates and issues we'll be covering June comes to a close and November draws near. Bookmark this page for updates.

Congresswoman Yvette Clarke: the incumbent , and most recently spoke to us about Obama's stance on gay marriage. She also attended of the first clinic dedicated to treating non-FDNY 9/11 responders living in Brooklyn who suffer from ailments related to exposures at Ground Zero, saying "When I found out there wasn't a place in Brooklyn for first responders and those volunteers…I just thought we had to do something about that." 

Sylvia Kinard: the Flatbush-born attorney and minister is challenging Clarke for the chance to represent the 9th Congressional District. about her platform and the reasons she thinks she would be the best person for the job. Kinard previously served as the Senior Legislative Attorney for the New York City Counsel, during which time she drafted legislation for the Immigration Sub-Committee as well as the Sub-Committee’s on Mental Health and the Committee on Education.

Update: June 27: Incumbent Yvette Clarke, D-Ditmas Park, . Clarke won with 88 percent of the vote, besting Kinard who claimed only 12 percent.

Stop-and-Frisk: The controversial procedure will likely be a much-discussed issue for those on the ballot. Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently waded into the stop-and-frisk debate by during such stops. Clarke and Kinard have also weighed in on the issue, with Clarke tweeting that "too many young men have been incarcerated unnecessarily as a result of #StopandFrisk" and Kinard telling Patch that the practice is unconstitutional. 

President Barack Obama: Times Magazine reported that during his down-time, the president likes to read novels such as Joseph O'Neill's Netherland, set in part at a house on Rugby Road just off Cortelyou. The president also frequently visits New York and is likely to make many more trips to the city as he campaigns for November.

Mitt Romney: the presidential hopeful has had luck in the area before, for his previous campaigns in the 11230 zip code. But his luck might stop there as polls show Obama has a huge lead over Republican Romney among New York voters.

Dios Thunders June 16, 2012 at 11:27 AM
thank you for the update ..we all know about Obama and Mutt..uh Mitt but we need to be informed about other canditdates platforms please keep us informed!
Dios Thunders July 21, 2012 at 12:31 PM
MITT is a liar and is hiding alot his businesses out sourced hes got over see accounts and all sorts of uncliamed incomes and refuses to disclose them He is a teabagger phony who dosent really want to be the president of the people and work for you its a ego trip Ask the people of his state he is gove in, He is NEPOTIUSM at its prime example DONT FORGET TO VOTE IF YOUR NOT REGISTERED DO SO EVERY VOTE COUNTS! People have died fighting for the right to vote DO not take your RIGHTS they won you in vain If you dont vote you cant complain!


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