Cortelyou Library Sees High Turnout of Displaced Voters

Though calm, the Cortelyou Library still saw long lines and waiting times plaguing many Brooklyn polling sites.


Though calm, the Cortelyou Library was no exception to the long lines and waiting periods plaguing many Brooklyn polling sites Tuesday, with a mass of voters snaking their way through the library's many bookshelves so to not disrupt the flow of things. 

And while a large turnout and considerable wait is usually to be expected during a presidential election, much of the hold-up might be the result of an onslaught of displaced voters looking for a place to cast their vote. 

"There's a wait because people are not sure where they can go," said Diana Girdwood, coordinator for the Cortelyou Library polling site. "We have two scanners. All things considered, we're doing alright."

Though the Library has previously been used as a polling site for a primary election, this is the first time the location has been used in a presidential election, said Girdwood and Steve Lamonea, neighborhood library supervisor at the Brooklyn Public Library.

"It hasn't died down," Girdwood said at 11 a.m. "People were here before 6 a.m. waiting. We've definitely had over 100 people, probably 200 by now. So far, a lot of people are using the affidavit ballot and that's a lot of the hold-up. It's been half and half of voters in the right polling place [and voters using affidavit ballots], more or less."

And while no person will be turned away, Girdwood said she's urging voters to go to their assigned polling places if they are open.

"If a polling site is open, we're advised to let them go there, but we won't deny anyone," she said, noting that she makes sure to remind voters that using an affidavit ballot will only allow them to vote for president and U.S. Senate. 

"No matter what, we're gonna have a wait," Girdwood said. "People are voting, that's what matters."


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