Bloomberg Creates Super PAC to Influence Elections Across the Country

The mayor's Independence USA PAC is expected to spend between $10 million and $15 million supporting centrist candidates.

Though close towards the end of the election cycle, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is creating a super PAC that will funnel millions of dollars to who he believes are centrist candidates in state, local and Congressional races, according to the New York Times.

Bloomberg is expected to spend between $10 million to $15 million of his money on supporting Republican, Democratic and independent candidates who support three of his biggest policy initiatives: same-sex marriage, tougher gun laws and fixing schools. To get Bloomberg's support they must have also demonstrated a willingness to compromise.

The candidates that he is expected to back come from across the country: former Gov. Angus King, an independent running for U.S. Senate in Maine; State Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod, a Democrat who the mayor believes will support tough gun laws, and Representative Bob Dold, a Republican from Illinois who has also backed many gun-control measures.

The new super PAC reflects a desire by Bloomberg to stay active in politics, even when his run as mayor is over, says paper.

“This spending sends a clear message that the mayor intends to keep his wallet open after he leaves office to influence national policy around issues like guns, education and marriage equality,” a top Bloomberg adviser, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Times.

Howard Wolfson, a deputy mayor and a veteran of Congressional and presidential campaigns, will oversee the activities of the group, officially named the Independence USA PAC.

This week, a new analysis by Common Cause/New York found that 10 of the country’s 39 biggest donors to super PACs ­ – those who gave more than $1 million – are from New York. The top 100 New York super PAC donors also gave nearly $9 million to state and local campaigns since 2009.

How do you feel about Bloomberg’s wealth affecting elections in other states? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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