Daughter of Slain 70th Precinct Officer On Path to Become Part of NYPD

Katrina Narvaez is following in the footsteps of her late father Lt. Federico Narvaez and is part of the new class of NYPD recruits.


The legacy of an officer from the 70th Precinct who, in life and death, was the true epitomy of a hero, will continue to live on in his daughter who has joined the new class of NYPD recruits, the New York Post reports

Katrina Narvaez, 25, is the daughter of the late Lieutenant Federico Narvaez who was killed in the line of duty 16 years ago while helping a woman in Brooklyn who was being stalked. 

Lt. Narvaez was gunned down on E. 17 St. by Harvey Richardson, 61, a career criminal, after the woman flagged down his cop car begging for help. Minutes later, Richardson was killed in a shootout with police in the lobby of a nearby apartment building.

Ms. Narvaez was nine years old. 

"I don’t remember seeing him as a police officer," she said of her father, the Post noted. "He was just my dad. It’s more about the stories that they told about him, how he would support them. I just wanted to be like him."

Ms. Narvaez noted that her mother was very worried with the idea of her daughter joining the NYPD, but she eventually won her over. 

"Once I told her it was what I want, she got on board."

While Ms. Narvaez's decision to join the squad helps to keep her father's memory alive, she isn't the only one who cares to remember the late lieutenant. Ms. Narvaez noted that the 70th Precinct holds a ceremony every year on the anniversary of her father's death in his honor.

Ditmas Park has also kept Lt. Narvaez's memory alive, naming the tot lot on the corner Cortelyou and Argyle Roads in his honor.  

Ms. Narvaez noted that she's also reminded of her father by the many stories his fellow officers share with her. 

"I just hear so many stories, because I know a lot of cops," she told the Post. "So I just hear so many nice things."

Ms. Narvaez said she would like to wear the badge number her father wore before he became a lieutenant.  

"It seems like the good times outweigh the bad, and I am really looking forward to that. I’m just looking forward to being a part of something."


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